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A group of people, a common objective.

To create high quality floor and wall coverings for different living styles, at an affordable price. To provide solutions for contemporary architecture and design. To persevere every day in research and innovation.



Quality is not only a process-based, but also an essential product-based objective. Through the years, Armonie has introduced increasingly strict tests in order to guarantee compliance with standards.



Gruppo Armonie has progressively invested in logistics to provide an increasingly accurate, timely and efficient service. In 2018, it perfected a semi-automatic system unique to the sector, creating added value to its service for the preparation and delivery of orders.



A vast range of technologically advanced products always up to step with latest design trends, with a high quality standard and an excellent quality-price ratio.



Armonie has forever aimed to build a winning network of clients and suppliers, working together to create reciprocal and long-term value.


Armonie was founded in 2001 and despite being a relatively young company in the ceramics sector, enjoyed rapid growth and development, quickly earning its place among the top players in the district. All this was possible because Armonie thought big right from the outset, proposing a bold and far-sighted project even from the small headquarters of its newly founded company. Hence the reason Armonie was able to propose and pursue a series of solid and essential objectives. From the very beginning, its goal was not to specialise in one particular product, but rather in all materials used for flooring, coverings and the decoration of all environments, constantly seeking to stay one step ahead of latest architectural and interior design trends, giving every space its own distinct style. This was the aim of the Armonie project right from the outset.


A constant focus on primary and the most innovative technologies is at the basis of all Armonie production. Products are specifically designed and developed by a young, united and motivated team, which through constant research succeeds in proposing latest trend products in line with market demands, consistently of the highest quality, characterised by their excellent value for money. A range of products that is not only vast, but also technologically advanced and always up to step with latest design trends.

This has allowed Armonie to constantly meet with approval, grow quickly and progressively expand its offer over time, and to develop its current broad range of materials.


Each client’s total satisfaction is at the basis of our service, in every aspect of the relationship with the company. A knowledgeable and professional commercial service and a rapid, precise, attentive logistics service, are characteristics common to every order





Il primo brand, ARMONIE, è nato nel 2001 a Sassuolo. Ha incontrato subito un forte successo grazie alla sua ricerca di prodotto, alla strategia commerciale, al livello di servizio e affidabilità del marchio.
Nel 2009 nasce il marchio MUSIS, un brand giovane, dinamico e allegro, che si propone nel settore in un modo anticonvenzionale, affrontando lo status quo degli schemi precostituiti di un settore che per anni ha fatto fatica ad innovarsi.
Nel 2011 il portafoglio prodotti si amplia per segmentare ulteriormente il mercato, nasce così il terzo brand: MO.DA, uno stile semplice, raffinato, italiano nell’anima, nei colori, nelle forme.
Nel 2018 l’azienda cambia il proprio nome in GRUPPO ARMONIE e nasce il logo di GRUPPO, che riunisce in sé tutti i marchi nati in 17 anni di storia.
Nel 2023 i marchi Moda e Musis si fondono nell'ottica di creare un marchio ancora più forte e con un catalogo in grado di soddisfare un mercato sempre più esigente