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SERVICE Logistic & Quality


Each client’s total satisfaction is at the basis of our service, in every aspect of the relationship with the company. A knowledgeable and professional commercial service and a rapid, precise, attentive logistics service, are characteristics common to every order.


The implementation of the warehouse through the Radiofrequency project, has allowed the Armonie Group to increase its production volume and quality of internal and external processes, as well as significantly reduce waiting times “visible” to the client, successfully processing 85% of orders in just 48 hours.

Strong, close-knit team

The real driving force of the Group’s success are its people: a close-knit and solid team, always ready to face new challenges and find the best solutions to satisfy our clients, united by a strong passion, consolidated skills and the ability to work as a team. Continuing, therefore, to focus on an increasingly efficient organisation, successfully evolving in order to anticipate market trends and searching out originality every single day to constantly find new and exclusive solutions, are the underlying objectives of the Armonie Group.


Gruppo Armonie è la prima azienda nel settore ceramico ad aver implementato un sistema di logistica semi-automatica integrata ed orizzontale. Il settore logistico ha acquisito un ruolo strategico all’interno della supply chain, in particolare risulta fondamentale l’importanza di un centro distributivo progettato per velocizzare ed ottimizzare il processo di evasione degli ordini. La crescente frenesia del mercato moderno, infatti, richiede una risposta sempre più rapida da parte delle imprese, che hanno quindi la necessità di dotarsi di soluzioni per velocizzare, automatizzare e rendere più precise le operazioni di gestione della merce in uscita. In questo senso, il magazzino costituisce una soluzione estremamente effcace, in grado di gestire in maniera ottimale ogni fase, dalla movimentazione, al picking, al carico della merce.


Automation means minimising errors e damaged goods. Levels of reliability far superior to the best standards of traditional warehouses allow to reduce preparation and loading times. The aim is to provide a qualified and timely service within the agreed time frames, thus offering the client peace of mind and allowing them to focus and concentrate on their business.


Each stage of the physical and computerised flow characterising internal and external logistics reaches levels of reliability far superior to the best standards of traditional warehouses while also allowing the optimisation of volumes and routes. Another benefit not to be underestimated is the integration of warehousing with other company functions: traceability of goods, inventory control and timely monitoring of stock.


Offering clients a product of the highest level is a primary objective of the Armonie Group.
Each product in the warehouse is subjected to a series of strict and rigorous tests in order to guarantee its conformity, exactly as required by the EC regulatory system.
This way, we are able to objectively guarantee the quality of both ceramic and non-ceramic products.
All pieces that don’t satisfy our extremely high quality standards are downgraded to second choice